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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It's a Dog's World

I have heard recently that dogs outnumber the amount of kids in San Francisco. Dog walkers in that city are allowed to walk 8 dogs at a time and have a lot of clients.  I once read a bumper sticker - "the more people I meet - the more I like my cat."  Guess that applies to dogs too.  They say dog is man's best friend.  Dogs are so loyal to their owners and by the wagging of their tail you can see how appreciative they are for a friendly word or a gentle pat.  I don't really approve of having a large dog in an apartment as I think they need a lot of exercise.  I have a new cat this year.  Her name was Chanel but we call her Mia now.  (Mia means meow in Portuguese)  She is lots of fun and very sociable and loves to play and eat.  Did I say she loves to eat?  Seems like she is always eating.  We weighed her and she is 13 pounds and only a year and a half old.   

At White Rock about half an hour from where we live you can go to a beach which allows dogs to be off leash.  It seems like everybody but us has at least two dogs with them.  The dogs really do enjoy it when the tide is low and they can run full speed through the sandbars and chase each other.  If you are a bit wary of larger dogs it may not be the place for you.  Below is an article showing some other dog-friendly beaches in the Vancouver area.  From: www.insidevancouver.ca 

Well as we in Vancouver head into 2012 I wish to send my best to all for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year.  I am going to share a quote that my step-daughter posted on facebook today with you:

 "As 2011 approaches an end and 2012 is just in reach, mindfully acknowledge what you'd like to leave behind and what you'd like to bring ahead.  It is truly a new beginning for all of us. "
Vancouver Goes to the Dogs:  North America’s Pet-Friendly Capital
Dog Beaches FinalJust outside of downtown Vancouver, high-rises give way to the white sands of Hadden Park beach.  Brisk ocean water laps at the shoreline and leafy coves offer shade from the sun.  This postcard-perfect strand would make an ideal spot for a picnic or romantic stroll except for one little thing:  It’s gone to the dogs.  

Hadden Park is one of nearly a dozen dog beaches in Vancouver, one of the most pet-friendly cities in North America.  While people are welcome, it’s the dogs that rule the sand and surf at Hadden.  Here’s a quick rundown of other dog-friendly parks and amenities for pet owners visiting the city:

  • Dog-friendly hotels: Dozens of hotels in Vancouver are happy to accept pets.  Options range from economy lodging to five-star digs.  Among the most notable pet-friendly hotels in the city is the iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  Dogs visiting the historic hotel receive a welcome mat and toy and can also eat from a specially designed pet menu.  The Fairmont even has two canine ambassadors, Mavis and Beau, who greet guests upon check in.  For a list of pet-friendly hotels and their restrictions, check out this website.
  • Off-leash parks:  Fido will have no trouble finding green space to romp in Vancouver.  More than two dozen city parks offer designated off-leash areas, where dogs can run free at specific times of the day.  Some of these areas are fenced-in exclusively for pets, while others are open to people, too.  For a list of off-leash parks, check out this website.
  • Dog beaches:  Pets enjoy special ocean, lake and river access at parks throughout Vancouver.  At urban beaches, dogs can swim against the backdrop of bridges and ferries, while at more remote spots pets can wrestle for driftwood and dig in the sand.  For a list of dog beaches, check out this website.

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