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Monday, 19 September 2011

Cantar Vitorias Restaurant - Guimaraes, Portugal

We were in Portugal a couple of years ago visiting my husband's family - my second time there.  I loved it (again)  We took a few trips away so I could see a bit more of the country.  We saw a soccer game in Braga which was really exciting as they somehow snuck fireworks into the game and it was kind of crazy!!  The stadium was full - so exciting.  Walking back to our car people were singing altogether i the warm night air.  My husband says soccer is like a religion there.

We happened upon a restaurant in Guimaraes that was family owned called Cantar Vitorias Restaurant  and experienced a nice lunch with generous portions and delicious food.  That night we thought since we were still in the area we would try dinner there as well.  We were not disappointed.  The staff were almost all family and my husband chatted to the owner who asked his wife (the chef) to come and meet us.  The daughter was our server and was attentive and pleasant. I so wished I had learned more Portuguese but after a glass of wine and Jack interpreting for me we were all enjoying the day and our new acquaintances.

We were traveling and asked them for their opinions on where we should travel to next.  They were really helpful.  We went on our way and spent another wonderful day exploring the countryside and then on the way back to Jack's parent's we decided to dine once again at our favorite new place to dine in Guimaraes.  I was kind of excited and when we walked up the stairs it seemed to me that they were happy to see us returning again (for our third time in three days!!!)

We had a fantastic dinner with these warm, generous people and when all other patrons had left they encouraged us to stay longer and join them while they had their meal at which point they brought out more cheeses, appetizers and wine which was "on the house"!!!!  

We felt like part of their family - what a wonderful feeling to be so welcomed by these so called strangers.  We told them that if they should ever visit Canada please call us as they would have a place to stay with us and we would love to show them around Vancouver.  Nice to remember this memory of Portugal and to this day we have emailed them and they referred to us as their good friends in North America.  We plan to visit again soon!!!

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