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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Broccoli - one of the favorites for health

Creamy broccoli lentil soup recipe | Chatelaine.com We eat loads of broccoli in our household - I think it is Jack's favorite vegetable. So loaded with Vitamin B, protects against various cancers, good fibre, and you know what - some nights a soup night is a good thing! I am working lots lately - I know I had a year off but right now I am working for a very busy accounting firm (and it is tax season!!!) Kind of jumped into it but I really like it! In my life as a young girl I worked for many years in a couple of law firms in downtown Vancouver. Feels kind of weird to say that even - I feel young but have just had a few "Life Experiences". I liked being young but for the people closer to my age I must say I do feel more content. Do you? Ok - for you young ones - enjoy, live for the moment - I have to say I did too,  but remember you will get your Visa bills within 30 days. Try to put away something for later. (Even $25 or $50 it does add up -much more at your age) You know what I can't believe what I have read - I am giving advice?

Life gets more interesting as you get a bit older.  I have to say when you do find the right relationship things fall more into place. I know there are many young girls who are so willing to settle for being with someone rather than being alone.  I have been one of them.  But if you do get a chance give it a bit of time - I promise you there may even come a time when you think you don't need anyone. (except your cat or dog)  I think that when you have some time on your own you will start to enjoy it - and like me really enjoy it. Things have a way of working out - just when we are least expecting it.

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  1. Kristina Marques24 April 2012 at 21:12

    I love the blog about broccoli! It's so true, fruit such as mango and papaya, rich in antioxidants are widely available here in Sanya, however yummy veggies such as broccoli, so rich in vitamins,are not always available so when I can I'll order a whole plate of steamed broccoli and enjoy all the yummy nutrients! Take advantage of all those delish fresh vegies at your disposal!


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