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Friday, 3 February 2012

Superbowl - Super Snacks

I am going to make these wings tonight. I have just boiled my wings, onions, celery, carrots, salt and garlic for 20 minutes at a gentle boil and am waiting for the pot to get close to room temperature and the chicken will absorb all the goodness of the vegetables. In the preparation of the sauce please omit 6 "Add the curry and blend again". I also substituted Agave Nectar for the honey - same proportions. I am going to add some pirri pirri sauce to the mixture in the frying pan - just a couple of dashes to give it a bit of a kick. If you don't have pirri pirri (Portuguese hot sauce) any hot sauce will do. When you are ready to serve the wings I would suggest serving with some cut up carrot sticks and celery sticks - nice with the Oikos dip. The Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt is a nice option to regular yogurt. Greek yogurt has double the protein content compared to standard yogurt brands and 50 percent less sodium. My husband and I picked up a 2 container size at Costco today after sampling the flavored Oikos Greek Yogurt. It is a nice consistency - a bit thicker than regular yogurt. We are a society now that reads nutrition labels and watches sodium contents particularly. We used to eat canned soup more but check labels now due to some having higher sodium amounts. Funny how we are always talking about what we are going to have for our next dinner. I really wonder if there are a lot of others like me that do that. Can tell can't you - food is a big part of our life. Seems like chicken wings are always a part of Superbowl. That and chips and dip and lots of Budweiser beer. People love finger food and even if I am not a football fan I will probably watch it (or parts of it). I even have a Manning jersey that I won once at a pub during another Superbowl. We watch a lot of soccer in our household - we were happy to watch the Women's soccer at our Vancouver's BC Place while they played for Olympic Qualifiers. Nice that Canada is one of the teams going on to the Olympics in

So...... gooooooooooo GIANTS!! We have a daughter and son-in-law that have lived in the U.S. and they will be going for the Giants - so will we!! Enjoy everybody! May the best team win! Enjoy all your Superbowl Snacks!


  1. Hey Julie its Randi! I am going to have to try this greek yogurt and curry chicken wings. Love your blog!


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