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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Stewing about Dinner

First off - very sad about Whitney Houston.  People with too much money, too many chances to get into trouble with drugs and alcohol and too much fame can be a lethal combination. We just experienced the same with Michael Jackson and his death at 50.  It's sad for the loved ones that get left behind.  We did get to experience the beautiful music that was Whitney's.  Too bad she couldn't have lived to see her daughter have children and to have more memories.  Instead drugs seemed to control her and so her life was only made up of 48 years.

I felt like stew for dinner tonight in the crock pot.  Last night we had sardines from Portugal - my husband is Portuguese and these frozen sardines are actually from the Atlantic ocean near his hometown of Peniche, Portugal.  It's a healthy fish but you should really fry or barbeque them outside as they have such a strong smell.  Once we cooked them on a little hibachi on our rooftop deck in the summer and my skirt seemed to absorb the fish smell.  I had to wash it twice!!

So tonight - I just bought a package of stewing beef and swished each cube around in a small cereal bowl of flour and salt and pepper.  Then I shook each piece to get a bit of the excess flour off and dropped them into a fry pan of a few tablespoons of hot olive oil.  After a few minutes turn each piece with a fork and add some pieces of chopped garlic and some sliced onions.  Brown all for a few more minutes about 5 minutes and then spoon all into a crock pot (slow cooker).  I added about 1/2 cup of red wine that wasn't very good but will add a bit of flavor to the stew.  Put it on high and then peel a few potatoes and carrots and even a turnip if you like and cut up into wedges and boil for about 10 minutes and drain the water and add the vegetables to your crock pot.  I added a bit of Hungarian paprika and some fresh parsley, a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and some thyme.  Cook for about an hour until your veggies are fork tender.  Don't overcook and don't stir much as you don't want to break the potatoes. A few slices of rye bread are a nice accompaniment or crusty rolls.  Serve with a nice glass of Merlot - tonight we have a California wine - Barefoot.  Enjoy!!


  1. That looks amazing.I will have to try that!

    1. I liked it! Nice and easy with lots of flavor.


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