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Sunday, 15 January 2012

January Greys - Celebrate the Sunshine

It is a gorgeous day here today in the area outside Vancouver, British Columbia where we live.

We had a few inches of snow in the night and today we have beautiful blue sky and sunshine and not a bit of wind.  I love the look of the freshly fallen snow on a sunny day.  I like the way the evening is so bright too from the snow's reflection.

I am excited to see that people all over the world are really taking a peek at my writing.   I really do wish everyone would realize a comment occasionally would "make my day"!!  I need some feedback please - good or bad.  Also any new ideas for future blogs would be great!  Please don't be shy..... I am taking a big risk throwing out my life here too.

I am sorry there is no recipe, no recommend but this week has been interesting.  I have been needed.  My Mother who is 85 has had a pain since last Saturday in her head.  We went to emergency and sat there for about 3 hours waiting to see a doctor who advised her that she had a virus - it can cause a pain sometimes (shooting) .  She is living in an assisted living home not too far from us and gets a bit lonely.  I spent a few hours there today - I took some tea, kind of a chocolate blend from David's Tea and we enjoyed a cup.  Today my husband is also not at his best after having dental work done last week.  As he says " I went in with no pain and now I have pain".  I feel so bad.  When he eats or drinks he has terrible pain and tomorrow he has to have a root canal.

You know how we love to eat!!  Oh my - now I feel so bad as he is hungry and then as soon as any food or wine or water hits that area that is exposed - he is in trouble. 

We have read that the recovery after a root canal is a few days and then after a week you feel like yourself.  Looking forward to that.  I made homemade soup and when I got home from my Mom's he had made rice and prawns and a delicious broth to dip our bread for our second course.  My husband is a "keeper".

I hope you are all doing well ..... January can be a very hard month.  It is a bit of a low for some.  In Vancouver we have a few too many grey days.  Today was gorgeous!  I wish lots of sunshine for you and may you have a great start to the year 2012!!!  (don't forget - please either write back to me via my email at www.jacksjule.gmail.com or make a comment after my blog or share my blog please!!)

This is a picture of a lake not too far from us.  My Papa on my Dad's side used to live a block away - when he and my Nana lived there it was only a swamp.  Since then the city has made it into a lake and they stock it with trout.  I think that you can fish if you are over 65 or under 10 years of age.  I have walked many time around this lake.  It is a great thinking spot, lots of people walk dogs and there are lots of ducks and swans following the sunshine around.

Como Lake, Coquitlam, British Columbia
A big thanks to all of you!!!   xoxoxxoxoxoxo

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